Monday, December 14, 2009

I love Jamming!

When you enter a jam session, you never know what you're gonna come up with. I love the process. It's like a creative brainstorm. 
Anything goes really and every musician can latch on to the common denominator of the bass beat. You can stray off, add layers but always come back to the bass. Since I'm a rhythm tapper, the audio element is far more important than the visual because you are essentially a drummer or musical instrument with your feet.
I've shed quite a few calories just jamming this last couple of weeks. It's incredible how tiring it is, like running on the spot but I love it coz you're making music :) The speed Kong Eu and I can get up to is as high energy as running flat out on a treadmill. 
Especially if you do pick-ups, toe stands or pull backs, as we call them. Super tiring but if you catch every sound at a rapid rate, it sounds like a drum which is why tap and percussion make such a great fusion.
I always look so crap in tap shots because it's hard to catch a sharp shot. The one below is one of many which are all blur coz I'm moving too fast.
And even when the shot is not blur, there's always some issue with it. My eyes aren't even open in the shot below. Look, I'm being honest. Could've just told you I tap with my eyes closed coz I don't need them open! Don't play play haha 

No, but seriously, I don't memorise steps. Not when I'm jamming. It's free style so I just go with the flow ;) This is Jothi on left and Paul from Tugu Drum Circle. So awesome having 2 different African drums in da house!! I think there's something quite hypnotic about tribal drums!

Very recently, I've started jamming with the Ramanados band (see below). These guys are up and coming and really talented! I'll be doing a tap act with them accompanied by LIVE percussion for Hannah Tan's Xmas Charity concert on the 20th Dec, 4 to 7 pm at Mid Valley Gardens. 
Whole string of artists are performing for free. Even non singers are singing. I heard Hans Isaac and Harith will sing a song. Daphne Iking's also performing. I was asked to sing as well, like everyone else but I said I can only sing with my feet so tap dancing it is for me! :) This should be fun! 
Tickets are free but you mustn't come empty handed. If you wanted to watch the concert, bring a Xmas gift for an underprivileged child as your ticket. They will distribute these Xmas gifts to various homes after the concert. Hope to see you there! I'll be in my tap shoes :)


*YenN* said...

I just finished a Tap course and I love it!! I wished I could do more!!

Family of Four said...


Keep tapping.

You are good at it.

I think besides shedding calories it will keep you young in body, mind and spirit.

Blessed Christmas!

Family of Four

naz said...

I can imagine anyone doing that must look extremely retarded while doing it. Pretty goofy stuff.

Husen said...

have a good time at mid valley. sounds like heaps of fun!

Dylan Phuah said...

i just cant believe how you manage to plan out your daily activities so well. it's like you get to do so many things and yet still manage to get your hands at works as well. simply GREAT i tell you. :)

neways, hope to seeing you again at Hannah Tan's Live Concert :)

nettoboy said...

Jojo..i'll love to see video of you jamming..mind to upload one at ur web soon?..Please.....

zool ligakampung said...

I really want to Jamming but not very good playing instrument. My voice also not good...

kruel74 said...

Missed this post n as u know Hannah's Xmas party too. Give the heads up when u do it again...

stephy-nie said...

I loved your tapping in hannah's concert! keep it up! it was amazing and fun!

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