Sunday, December 27, 2009

I just watched AVATAR

Here's a video blog on what I thought of Avatar...quite a parallel for me coz I JUST returned from shooting in the Borneo rainforest and documenting their way of life! 

This cat belongs to the Dusun tribe family we lived with in the rainforest. She is about 24 years old! Can you imagine? She has been around since before their daughter was born (who is already 22 now). Maybe it's the unpolluted air and organic food she lives on, wow! I couldn't believe how old she was. 


FooDcrazEE said...

OMG . . . .thats rare . .24yrs. .

Simon Seow said...

But they don't have Internet T_T lol

Nick Chhan said...

Yeah the movie makes one think about the rapid development of our petrol based economy. Sometimes when I go off for a retreat or to the suburbs, I feel less of a need to be modern - check email, Twitter etc.

I also thought Avatar was so picturesque, every frame was a potential wallpaper.

Dylan Phuah said...

i need to watch avatar soon before it is taken down from the screens.

and a 24 year old cat is absolutely AMAZING!

Elaine New said...

i think avatar is awesome. n tat cat! 24 yrs old! omg!
btw, ur very pretty and ur voice is so sweet. =)

nang me :


Pocket said...

Hi Jojo!!
1) SimonSeow is totally right, they dont have the net, imagine:D

2) a cat that is 24 years old!!? its either they have poor history record or the cat must be eating something good.

3) Avatar was great, and u've seen it in 3D!! that would be double great indefinitely :D

4) would be nice if u look at the camera while vdo blogging:D makes me feel like u'r looking at me^^; heheheh

naz said...

That Avatar chic was pretty hot. It's kinda sick that I find her attractive because it is sort of a cross-species attraction although that species isn't actually real. This is why Japanese people keep wanting to have sex with robots. I now know why...

Nikel Khor said... nice movie ever 2009..haha..catch it before it release

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kruel74 said...

24 years old? Of all my cats, I have one which managed to reach 15 years of age. That was in the 80s. Nowadays, of my 5 cats, 2 only managed up to 3 to 4 years and one has reached 4 and a half. Must be the forest.

Watched Avatar twice in 3D and loving it

Sci-Fi Gene said...

I liked your perspective on Avatar Jojo: while the film itself is a simplistic fantasy, the rainforests really are home to unique ways of life for both humans and animals, and their mechanized destruction is a perfect real-life example of the human greed portrayed in the film.

Eyriqazz said...

24 years old?Wow,that quite interesting...Avatar is one of the best movie i ever watched...

Cath J said...

24 years old????????? Ok I am trying to believe it.. ;-p

Which part of Borneo is that??? Woww... said...

Exactly! It didn't hit'me till after I heard how old the cat was that it was unnatural yet everything out there was so purely fresh that it really doesn't surprise me.

I was trying to recover from the 78 year old woman I met with black hair :)

thanks for all your comments guys and Naz, ur not the only one who thinks that girl in Avatar is hot. Even girls loved her charactrer n thought she was really empowering so dont worry! :)

theeggyolks said...

that's a legend! I guess those from the natural habitat usually have longer life compare to those from urban areas..

Anonymous said...

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