Thursday, December 3, 2009

Where the heck am I now???

When you are in work mode, running late on a tight schedule battling through manic KL traffic to get to an important appointment, you simply can't afford to make a wrong turn which is when it always happens to me! *groan* It's partly due to my crap sense of direction (ok, I admit, I'm never gonna be a navigator. I've even gotten lost in my own "kawasan" near my house) but the road signs don't seem to be consistent either which REALLY doesn't help.

For instance, I was following signs to PJ, turning here, turning there, and always driving toward PJ (or so I thought) but after a while I realised, there was no more mention of Petaling Jaya! WTF? Sometimes, there are trees blocking signboards and when there is nothing blocking a sign, I'm sometimes not able to turn when I'm meant to because I'm on the far right of the highway and I suddenly realise I need to ramp off. The sign just "appears" and you say sh*t! gotta get to the other side.

You can imagine my relief when I got a GPS! That's what people like myself need because that GPS voice tells you exactly where to go and even warns you AHEAD of time "stay 600 metres...etc etc". My first GPS was a Garmin. It's excellent. It has saved me so many times from being hopelessly lost.

I know some people collect watches but I can see myself collecting GPS devices because I simply can't do without. This is my brand new ultra sleek GPS called the "Way Way" which I can also use in Singapore which is really handy when I drive down there for my weekend trips.

When you're already used to a GPS device, you don't act amazed at how it could possibly know your precise location. you get used to how it actually follows the movement of your car on bends. You see, you've probably taken its intelligence for granted. The technology behind it is mind boggling considering sattellite signal has come all the way from outer space. Think back to the moment you ever saw it work so perfectly...didn't you gasp and think it was just amazing. I was like "wow" driving along and then another "wow" because it was spot on!

It makes you wonder about all sorts of things like Aliens and whether we're being watched? *alien sound effects* hehe ok, my mind was trailing off there but on a more practical level, if you are technology freak, I recommend you go to the PIKOM PC Fair happening at KLCC Convention Centre 4th to 6th of December. Should I get another GPS unit? Hmmm....but I need another car first! ;)


lester said...

ah, the wayway..
sexy like beyonce,
come what may,
just like how 'L' follows after 'K'..
as certain as for all things, one needs to pray,
you don't need an x-ray or rhymin' advise from doctor dre..
tho' you do need to pay, for a wayway today..
to help you find that needle, in that large stack of hay..
but wahlauwei! with wayway you can slay g**min any day..
guaranteed to make you happy and gay..
helps you find your way from serangoon to peejay..
maybe for some late nite bah kut teh?
avoidin' 'em roadblocks, so saman no pay..
tougher than cassius clay,
sleek like sugar ray,
and slimmer than macy gray,
wayway be here to stay, don't play play..
so drive away into the path of a stressless day...
and you will continuously say,
"i love u wayway, in so many way"...

thanks jj,

Jojo Struys said...

Lester, that's too cool! haha

r4v3 said...

haha hey Lester, rawk on! =D

naz said...

Shameless advert, why am I not surprised?

Brigante said...

Nice poem Lester !

L.D. Migneault aka:Penguin said...

I have never had the problem of getting lost. It must be terrifying. I am also glad GPS came out though. Enjoyed reading your Blog.

kruel74 said...

Better use Google map, can use with any device...

izoiam said...


I have been interested in your Project Alpha!

How do I send ideas for your show???

Can u please provide me an email?



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