Sunday, November 29, 2009

My very fun and disastrous round of GOLF!

I haven't golfed in absolutely ages so I forgot I even had golf clubs! When I decided to golf at Awana with friends, I had to call my ex flatmates to check if they had my golf bag. Lucky they still had it though it was collecting dust in their store room. So here I was at the Awana hoping no onlookers would be around on the first tee coz it would have been embarrassing if I couldn't get past the first ditch! haha ;) Well, I got past it but now the trouble was getting to the hole in a straight line on this very challenging course.

After a bad shot, I found it hard NOT to swear even if only the crickets heard me (and my friends depending on how far away they were standing!). you know things like, "what the f**!" OMG, not again!!! FML, WTF? I'm in the Xmas trees again? Sh*t!" hahahahaa

My score was like 9 on the first hole and then I stopped counting my strokes part way through the game. Not worth it, I figured. It was so crap! lol

Hannah decided to be the official photographer so that her friend Chris from England would have a memory of the trip. She said she would not be playing since she's not a golfer (fair enough but neither were we! haha) I'm no expert obviously but Chris was asking if you should keep your left hand straight on the swing and I was trying to explain it best I could (in video below). Michael (red shirt) who directed Project Alpha had difficulty directing his own shots that day, excuse the pun haha. We lost so many balls that day, I tell you. Hope we didn't kill any unsuspecting fish in the lake!


It started raining like mad after the 4th hole so we found a deserted rest stop which luckily had a table and a few chairs so we were chatting there for a couple of hours. It was cold (well for me at least but not the rest of them coz Michael, Hannah and Chris are ALL from England!) but it was really nice being out of the city for a change. It doesn't feel like KL up there especially on the scenic course. The lakes and sprawling greens made it very peaceful and I was telling Hannah how odd it was to see real pine trees in Malaysia!

We got Hannah to try to hit a few balls for fun. Not bad really...she managed to get the ball off the ground and was quite excited about it. Sorry we have no footage of this but she thinks she should just stick to kick boxing ;)


I may wanna golf again not so much for golf in itself (coz I'm pretty bad at it) but for the experience of just spending the day out with friends in the outdoors. It was really fun and it helped me to disconnect from work and the city just for those few hours :)


Simon Seow said...

You're way better than me already. I don't even know how to hold the club.

kumfye said...

golfing is fun...but hard to learn...and you were awesome in project alpha

sholee said...

Hmmm... at least you dare to do it rather than hiding your golf clubs forever LOL!

Eyriqazz said...

wah2,u have fun and a nice picture.I saw u during 2012 Premiere Screening last time.Congratz with Project Alpha,it was so successful.If not due to my line is soo slow,i will watch it more & more...

naz said...

I too like golf *hopes to God that I won't be censored by Lady Jojo by this comment which should be alright by her censorship guidelines.

naz said...

After having 4 or more comments deleted due to differing opinions with the author, I can't believe my comments are appearing. Wait, is this like setting some ISA detainees free then catching them back later kinda trick?

Husen said...

Hey Jojo, glad to know you had fun. Maybe you should blame it on your old flatmates - who should have thrown away your old golf bag for good :)

Sheng Wang said...

Your body move a lot to the left leg... That is the reason you are hitting the ground before the ball. You have a nice back swing... keep it up...

Btw what is your handicap?

I have played there before. Nice environment.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Terrific, that' s faithfully what I was seeking for! You good spared me alot of opus

Anonymous said...

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