Sunday, November 1, 2009

We all have masks!

We don't just wear masks on special occasions like Halloween. We wear them almost every day. When you greet your boss at work, you have a smile firmly planted on your face (even though you just had an argument with your partner) but you chirp "good morning" smoothly and efficiently even though there's nothing "good" about your morning.

courtesy of my sexy girlfriend Desiree

There are so many situations to "mask" one's real intentions. Imagine how in business negotiations, sometimes you have one partner nodding politely and smiling at his partner while he plots how to back stab him or her.

Then there's the average girl who covers the shadows under her eyes with concealer so that you wouldn't see how tired she really is. Make up is like a weapon when she's wearing it and sometimes a weakness when she takes it off, worried to leave the house or be seen without her "mask"

But there are some things not worth trying to hide when you're in a relationship and it's your true face and real nature. If you try to be someone you're not, it catches up with you. If your partner is eventually going to find out what you're really like, may as well start by being yourself right?

For instance, when a guy puts his best foot forward when he's trying to impress a girl, he might try TOO HARD. Problem with that is over time, it becomes unnatural and difficult to maintain this front.

I actually know a couple of guys who do the opposite (using lesser cars on first dates and playing things down) so that a girl would hopefully like them just for them. Takes a certain amount of security to do that.

Considering we often wear "masks" at work (for me it might be smiling non stop for an ad till your jaw hurts but it's work so you grin and bear it ;) it's important to come home and be YOU or to have friends who you can be yourself around because they keep it real and tell you off if you step out of line.

Well, all this talk about masks makes me wanna wear my honey and oatmeal one! :) Those are the only masks I wear at home okay? *chuckle* and if you don't believe me, ask my pugs!! They really know ME ;)


HoustonWok said...

So true! This is perhaps the way it was for me everyday when I hated my boss. Smiles and cheers but really a million vulgar thought were running through my happy hallowen and stay safe

Family of Four said...

Your recent writings shows that you are maturing into "life" issues and looking at the social hypocrisies of human behaviour. I see a slow changeover. This is a good emerging trend in your blog,away from the spotlight of v-jaying.



chris_lim said...

This is true. People put up a false front almost everyday. Too often that it can be done naturally and subconsciously.

I guess, we can't help it. We lie and hide our self behind a facade to make things easier in given circumstances. But really, this is not always a bad thing, no? We still have social norms and appropriateness to conform to.

Jojo Struys said...

Yup, ur right Chris but so long as there's a select few or even your partner itself you can completely b yourself around :)

hehe HoustonWok! It happens, it happens.

thanks Family of Four. My entertainment work is fun and it's just another aspect of me (it's the so called public front) but my blog is where I'd like to share my inner thoughts on things. I used to study psychology after my business degree n how people tick have always interested me :)

Vera said...

i kinda had too wear mask work requires me too..but then again, sometimes, I think it's just the way we are..

CraSH said...

are you the kind that wakes up in the morning and look into the mirror and say to yourself.... "today is going to be a great day!!"??

people usually only puts on a mask when they feel sad/unhappy/something to hide/etc.. and sometimes it is tough keeping it.

that is why when you are home and let your guards down; you are yourself. so i guess your real self looks like your babies confused look.. cute!

Pauline Yap said...

the pugs confused looks is so cute!
really like the last pictures, where is the other pug?

nothingprofound said...

Sometimes one even wears a mask around oneself. That's the hardest mask to remove.

Dylan Phuah said...

after reading your post, it made me think. yeah, i do wear 'masks' everyday. i wonder if it is a good thing or a bad thing.

Jojo Struys said...

hi dylan, I think it's only something to worry about if wearing a mask is lying or cheating someone or backstabbing them but if it's to just keep your own thoughts to yourself or your own privacy, well, everyone does that! Jojo :)

Tom Hayton said...

Hey Jojo!

Very true. I often use the analogy of masks when trying to get people to relax and open up during photoshoots.


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