Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Poem about the Sea...

As I was looking out to sea from Uluwatu temple in Bali, I was struck by how beautiful it was up there. It took my breath away just peering over the edge. I started thinking about this poem I wrote about the ocean...there's something wild and mysterious about the sea. You know I almost drowned once when I was caught in a rip current in a remote region in Australia. Every attempt I made to swim back to the shore seemed to be sending me even further out. It was really frightening. If it wasn't for the fact a surfer swam out to get me, I'm not sure whether I would be here today. Naturally, I have a mixture of respect and awe for the sea. Water can be as harmless and still as a lake or the powerful force that carved out the Grand Canyon. Here's the poem I wrote...

A vision to behold
solely in my mind
Let me take you deep in slumber
lost in sleep

Ocean dreams
on wings of fancy
Journey through my eyes...

Moonlit figures
holding hands

with footsteps light,
lapping waves beckoning

like liquid crystal I'd never seen
Virgin waters
emerald green

hug the coast
rippling sight
like possessive fingers
foamy white

in endless circles
timeless patterns

How beautiful you are...


Family of Four said...

We all have near death experiences in deep water.Thankfully, we are all alive to tell. Great poem.

Slim shady said...

hi, are u the real Jojo Struys?

Igniz said...

is this another post-modernist poem, the style that u learned back then in Aussie (if i'm not mistaken)? i like it. :)

Husen said...

here i am gone for a while and you guys are fighting. well naz why don't you write us something, and we'll judge you.

anyway, it's a decent piece definitely, a subjective work of art. have a good dinner. vietnamese eh :)

Husen said...

brigante, thanks for at least making sense. naz, you didn't finish your poem.

jojo, i recently read an article about you in either berita harian or star, can't remember. i always thought you were younger than me. seems like you are a year older :)

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