Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Create "me" time

When you're constantly surrounded by people whether it's your colleagues at work, your own family members or strangers you're passing on a busy street, it's important to set some "me" time aside. It could be anything from a good book to a self indulgent massage. Or the basic luxury of sleeping in on the weekend. Hmmm....glorious ;) If you've been working too hard every night, go see that movie you've been meaning to watch coz you may return to your work desk in a better space. 

Sounds like common sense but how many of us listen to our bodies? If you're tired, get more rest. If you're dehydrated and weak all the time, drink more water coz it will give you more energy. Just think about one thing you wanted to do this week but never got round to doing it? For myself, it was exercise and I'm not going to make excuses that I didn't have enough time coz I know it's an excuse. I've gotta make the time! The only exercise I got all week were my fingers typing out emails ;)


Dylan Phuah said...

my case is a little bit different.
this past few weeks, i've been wanting to complete my assignments but i'm stuck with my laptop. blogging! ahha!

Joshu@law said...

yea..you're right! There are lots of things I wanted to do too but never got time to do...
Talking about exercise...try go for mount climbing...It's fun & challenging! =)

naz said...

Me time? Hmmmm, dim the lights; break out the scented candles; get the hot bath ready and just immerse yourself in that pool of warmth while you sip on a glass of Crystal and listen to the latest Kenny G tracks. This is the perfect setup for you girls on a "me time" kind of night so you can get some "self" action going on in the bathtub because you haven't had any the whole year round. Happy masturbating everyone. Great post.

Family of Four said...

"Me Time" is just private time. I thought with your hectic schedule, you will have made time to play with your pugs.

Fancy bathing with them?

CraSH said...

well, you always have to create some "me time" to relax and stay sane... i am sure you can figure it out.

however on another note! i think you were at that genting adventure run, right?

anyway, if you can not figure it out... take a vacation day and say go to ipoh to chill by the pool with not blackberries, computers or cell phones.

Gypsy On The Move said...

I think I have to go for a workout as well. Have been making excuses for that lately. =(

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