Thursday, November 5, 2009

My pugs on shoot! :)

The Making of the SPCA Calendar

I received a call from Amber asking if I would be interested to do a shoot with my pugs to raise funds for the SPCA and MNAWF. She was collaborating with the publisher of Pets Lover Magazine on this project. Well, anything to do with animals interests me as a pet owner and treating them with respect and care so of course, I was delighted to be a part of this calendar! 

It brought a smile to my face just thinking of the mayhem they would cause in a studio. Incredibly, I managed to get them to sit still on each step for the first shot. I was amazed they didn't jump off. The photographer commented on what good models they were * Mummy glowing with pride*

Harley is a bit afraid of heights (just look at his face) so he remained on the steps even when I walked away from him hehe. I had to carry him off.

It was so cool to be in a make up chair and have my dogs running around. They've never been in a studio before. They were so curious about everything. I was enjoying having them around while I worked :)

True to their nature, this is how attentive they are around a biscuit, no matter how small. They are so greedy, I tell you! ;)

The moment I laid down on the sofa "prop", I think they assumed I was watching TV. They all jumped on to me and got into position looking straight ahead. Perrrrfect!

The single chair was much tougher. Their eyeline was all over the place. Shooting with any dog, let alone 3 is really challenging coz you need to them look straight, not run off all of a sudden and you don't wanna be looking like a mess yourself during the shots. There were so many blur ones but we managed to get them to look straight when my maid stood behind the cameraman and called them.

At the press conference for the calendar launch

I was quite embarrassed that Pickle barked her small head off when she saw Angel Wong's dog (about 4 times her size). What terrible manners!

It was another first for me attending a press con with my pugs!  Amber really liked Harley. She kept saying "Oh my God. He's so fat! He's so fat!" Before I could defend poor Harley, she chirps "I like fat dogs. Ooooh, I wanna bring him home"

Harley looked interested in the idea when she was holding his head (you traitor Harley! He's like that round biscuits and pretty girls, gets all starry eyed) but then he eventually made his way back to his Mummy, especially when he saw me enthusiastically patting Amber's golden retriever! haha *wink* 

Dogs are like little people. They have feelings and they can get jealous too. If you have a dog at home, love them with all your heart because that's what they do with you. You are their world! 


Family of Four said...

I think this is a project worth supporting. All of you, especially the dogs, looks great!

zool said...

Very cute..

HoustonWok said...

JOJO I KNEW IT! It runs in the family you know, you model, they model, I knew there was something special about your pugs from the scrabble photo. The SPCA is a great organization, great cause, great job.

chris_lim said...

Omg, this is the 1st time I am actually jealous of dogs!!

CraSH said...

you have a good heart!! :) and i am sure puggies are happy to get involved too.. not to mention the attention!! haha..

it is good to hear that there are people in msia who still cared and do volunteer.. it would be awesome if you could help out at the habitat

anyway, great job! and keep it up.

jaycye said...

i'm in love! your pugs are awesome.... such

jamey said...

Have you ever come across FoodKingdom? A social network for Food lovers like you.

kumfye said...

jojo you are awesome in Project Alpha

Joshu@law said...

The dogs are so cute! =)

Esty said...

Hey Jojo! I'm Esther here, Uzz's friend. :)

Now I know why you love your puppies so much. Your pugs are undeniably adorable! Oh please bring them out one day would ya? :)

sholee said...

Wow! I really respect you... bringing all 3 pugs out together!

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