Friday, November 13, 2009

The "other" pair of eyes

Do you ever feel like someone's watching you? For eg, you get that "feeling" someone's eyes are on you and when you turn around, the person quickly looks away? You know there were science experiments conducted on this to prove that humans can "see" "know" and "sense" things without physical sight which defies logical explanation (when u think about it).

The experiments failed to prove we have eyes at the back of our heads coz it was really challenging to have proper controls. For instance, if you knew you were part of the experiment, your heart rate might be higher because you're waiting in anticipation etc so the results weren't accurate.

So in conclusion, science can't prove we know people are staring at us when they do but soooo many of us have experienced it so I say we have a sixth sense. Well, if I stare at YOUR back from across the room at a party and you turn around, I'll be thinking of this blog post! And I'll have one of those ah-ha! moments :)


HoustonWok said...

this is so true!I thought I was crazy when I sensed this before. The heat from a persons eyes directed straight at your head,eyes,lips etc. is significant. So many times I've turned to my right and noticed that person looking away,down,other direction when i knew they were staring right at me.

Family of Four said...

If you are attractive or someone who is in the public eye, people tend to observe you. It's only natural. They look at the features that makes you beautiful and they observe the way you dress. They also look at the way you behave. I do not see anything wrong with people who beholds you. If they should turn away when you sense something,it would only be natural again. As for you 'sensing' something, you will always be feeling that as long as you are/feel pretty, beautiful,lovely and attractive. Woe betide those who are on the other pole or the other side of the spectrum. Nary a glance will people give them!How sad!

Hayley said...

yea i had this kinda experience before! many times!
when i feel that someone is watching me, i turn around and look back at him/her, and they quickly turn around/pretend nothing. i mean, looking at someone is not wrong, but dont keep staring. its so rude!

Brigante said...

It is sometimes called 'paranoia" :)

Dylan Phuah said...

if you would stare at me someplace somewhere and i turn my back and look. i would be thinking, 'why would Jojo be staring at me?'
haha... :D

Jojo Struys said...

Ur right Hayley. A lot of people have experienced this.

There are a lot of things we can't explain and it could be a coincidence or it could be a sixth sense and humans have been known to sense all sorts of things including how another person might feel etc etc

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