Friday, January 23, 2009

Harley and Pickle

It all began with Harley (he's on the right). I've had dogs all my life but I've never been drawn to pugs till I met Harley. Funny thing is, I went to a breeder looking for a dashchund hound and I came home with a pug! Harley rushed up to me and started doing laps in the store and I just fell in love with him. He was so incredibly cute. I honestly started laughing when I first saw him. He was this bundle of energy and so mischievous. He reminded me of a baby yoda from Star Wars. Their faces have so much expression, so much character. After having Harley for a few months, I thought I better get him a friend so he'll always have company when I'm not in the house. Pickle (on the left) was the tiniest pug I'd ever seen. In fact, I was worried when I brought her home whether Harley would crush her. She was about 7 months in this photo and still small as a puppy. She was the actually the smallest of her litter yet the strongest. I've never had any problems with her. She's never fallen sick. Quite amazing. She's fallen into a drain once and she's so small that my boyfriend and me were terrified we lost her. Had no idea she fell into a longkang. But we managed to fish her out carefully thinking she may have injured herself or broken something but she just gets out of the drain and starts running like it never happened. And when I take them hiking, she's tireless and she doesnt allow Harley to bully her (you go girl!) even though he's double her size :) Harley is like a big baby. So manja, i tell you.


Grethe Kristin said...

Nice picture of your dogs,nice to read the story.

Jojo Struys said...

hey thanks. I literally just put it up. wow, you're fast :)

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