Monday, January 19, 2009

My very first blog!

I figured it's about time I started blogging so here I am. I'm getting into the whole process of writing. For eg, I am writing about "love" and relationships now which should air in Feb on MIX fm (not that I'm an expert but hey, pillow talk was all about men, women and relationships and it was so much fun :) At the moment, you might have heard my 2 scripts on MIX on "breathing right" and "waking up with a positive thought". Have you ever noticed that? How when the moment your eyes open and if you're feeling down, it can affect the rest of the day. Sometimes everything goes wrong when you wake up in a bad or stressed out mood? I know it's easier said than done, but I'm trying to consciously wake up and think of things or people that make me feel grateful. You realise that by even thinking these thoughts, that it automatically puts you in a good mood. Gratitude is a powerfully positive energy so be grateful for what you have. Till later then, :) and do write back so I can learn quickly how to blog (I know, I know, all you experts out there, go easy on me :)


Brigante said...

Hey , I think it is great that you are finally blogging ! I agree with you on positive energy and being grateful. It is exactly what the book ''The Secret' tells you to do :) Keep up the good work !

Brigante said...

Hey again !
I have been through your website and find very elegant and personal. I love your biography. Been listening to your message on Mix fm on waking up with a smile and have been doing that recently. It works :) I feel like if I can start the day right, it helps me to be real positive and ....happy ! Thanks Jojo !:)

zewt said...

Welcome to the blogosphere, where things are never what they seem...

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