Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Visiting Ruby

I visited her almost everyday at the vets and each time, she would go "nuts" because she was so happy to see me! The vet said I could walk her as well so that was really healthy getting her out of her cage and allowing all that excited energy to be drained out of her system. Ruby did draw some stares though with her "satellite dish" round her head ;). Well, that's what I call it anyway. The actual term is Elizabethan collar I think because its shape is just like what Queen Elizabeth wore in that Victorian era. Anyways, Ruby was there for 10 days and the ulcer has completely cleared up! Relief isn't even the word. I'm so grateful her eye has healed itself. She's home now, thank goodness and my other 2 pugs seem really happy their smallest play mate is back! :)


ENKI said...

haha..ho can u come up with the elizabeth collar idea!?u r funny yaa??

Anonymous said...

how cute :) yeah my dog had to have one of these collars when he was bitten in a fight with some stray dogs in the street. it is actually really useful for them to stop scratching off all the medicine:)
Thanks jojo for sharing with us your doggy :)


Jojo Struys said...

no, I didnt make it up. That's actually what they call it (Elizabethan collars) :) lol

Anonymous said...

Hi guys,

How interesting.....many years ago I kept a Sulphur-crested Cockatoo. Her name was Little One because she was the smallest of all the parrots. What was amazing, Little One had a nasty habit of plucking her feathers...poor little darling....she was starting to look like the Balde Headed Eagle of the US! Anyway, the doctor put her in that collar, the same one like the dog, essentially to precent her from plucking her worked! My little darling started to grow her feathers...she was pretty!

So I guess....these collars are user friendly....

Have a great day everyone.

Sybil from Johor Bahru, Malaysia

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