Sunday, February 15, 2009

Amazing strawberries

You know what? You can get away without even leaving the country. To think Cameron Highlands is just a drive away....

I went up there with a couple of friends for the weekend. Considering we're so used to hanging out in KL, it was really fun curling up in jumpers in front of a fireplace. We didn't feel like we were in Malaysia at all.

The air is wonderfully fresh out there and a lot of the buildings are colonial style with even European road names. It's a strange word to describe it but I find the whole place really cute! Very quaint.

My friend Hannah is actually from England so when we had tea and scones, she felt right at home haha and we spent a whole day out exploring the strawberry farms and seeing how fresh jam is made.

It was a charming weekend getaway but I recommend you don't read in the car on you're way up, unless you have a strong stomach ;)

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