Sunday, February 22, 2009

Lost World

I almost expected to see dinosaurs running around. Wow, the Lost World of Tambun really is a lost world. Can you imagine the limestone caves are about 400 million years old! It's seriously beautiful and there's something quite mysterious about the caves. When Jehan, myself and the film crew climbed to the very top, the cave was in total darkness. If you put your hand in front of yourself, you wouldn't even see it. Pretty creepy and when I pointed my torch upwards, I saw a swarm of bats. I was thinking to myself how scary it would be if our torch batteries went dead. Do you know what we heard about Gua Datok? It's a mystical cave.

There's this shaft of light and an old wooden chair facing the prayer position in it. There's also some old artifacts, like bowls and even engravings possibly centuries old. Apparently, there was this one time a researcher tried to remove something from the cave to do studies on it and there was a clanging metal sound that couldn't have been made by anyone because there was no one there. Or maybe there was??? YIKES!! I was hoping I wouldn't even touch or step on anything by accident. It made my hair stand just thinking about unseen eyes following my every movement but what an adventure this was. It took almost 2 hours to get there. Some parts of the climb were gruelling because it was almost vertical but you know what? It was completely worth it. The view from up there once you emerge from the darkness of the cave will take your breath away...


Anonymous said...

People don't realise how beautiful Malaysia is! Come to Tambun la. See for yourself :) Wilma, Ipoh

Julia Jackson said...

Your torch scenario reminds me of scuba diving in the Bahamas four years ago. I did a night dive, and my only source of light was my torch. It was a stream band of light, covered by the darkness. Just one streak of light. That was it. And, it was directional..not a flood of light. Quite scary. I was on a wreck dive, and when I moved my light to try and gain some sense of my whereabouts, I was greeted by a school of baracudas and sharks. Quire frightening to be in their "home" visiting, so to speak! The reason why we dive at night is because the landscape changes to different marine life than what the day offers. At night, there are different fish, lobsters and crabs that are free to crawl while others hide behind a school to stay away from larger prey. I'd love to dive in Thailand again soon. The last time I was there diving off Phuket was nearly two and a half years ago. I'm probably well overdue a trip back.

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