Saturday, February 7, 2009

Any regrets?

It's not healthy to regret anything because even if you really really wished you didn't say or do something, there was obviously a reason why you did it at the time. The way you FEEL afterwards is a good indicator on whether it was right or wrong for you. And if you feel really bad, then don't repeat the mistake.

Don't beat yourself up on it either for too long. I've met so many battered souls who should have let go but are still carrying around guilt they can't shake off because they haven't found it in them to forgive themselves. Guilt is a crippling emotion that can hold you back. So learn "the lesson" but move on.

If you looked around in any crowded room, you may notice how different we look, dress or speak but we aren't that different from each other in that we've all made mistakes. We're only human.

If I had a lighthearted regret, it would have to be that my Mum didn't teach me how to speak Chinese. The easiest time to learn a new language would be when you're a kid. It is a part of my heritage since Mum is half Chinese, half Scottish but I grew up speaking English at home.

Oh well, I have just come from a CNY function and these thoughts just flashed across my mind when the waiter passed me a drink and I said "xi xi ni". At least I know how to say that! ;)

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fawwa said...

Babe you're just the cutest hehehe:D

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