Saturday, February 28, 2009

Fruity affair

I was at a launch for a juice bar at Palace of the Golden Horses. I really didn't expect this but the hotel gave me this incredible basket of fruits with my name engraved on a papaya for attending the launch. How personal :)

Papayas as you know are rich in antioxidants so they call them superfruits
. What I didn't know is that papayas also contain the enzyme papain which helps to speed up chemincal reactions in the body. Papain has a mild and soothing effect on the stomach and is very useful in helping to aid protein digestion. It helps to regulate the bowels and clean away dead tissues from the body. I kinda wanted to preserve my papaya (since it had my name on it) but guess I should eat it haha since it's THAT good for the system ;)

When I came home, Ruby had her eye on the strawberries...

Not that she can talk but Ruby was asking me to share my fruits with her "but you've just had your breakfast" I say to her "so let Mummy have mine, you greedy little hoover!" :)

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Anonymous said...

OMG she's sooo cute! Like your pug's outfit too! hehe

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