Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Its not just the boys....

When I used to live in an apartment that was dead quiet at night, I would sometimes jump out of my skin whenever I heard a sudden rush of voices.

I would run out to the balcony and look down below where as far as my eyes could see, it looked like hundreds of homes with their lights on just got hit by this big wave of emotion. Uh huh. I pretty much figured the whole neighbourhood was watching football! ;) and during any big games or the World Cup period, its like this fever where men move out of their own bedrooms into the living room or anywhere at all they can camp in front of a TV.

It is mind boggling how many people follow the game. Most of the guys I know try to patiently explain to me about all the different leagues and how their favourite players are doing. They even talk slower so I will fully understand them (hey, I'm not THAT bad la. I do know a little bit about football ;)

The thing is, I've always associated football with men but the truth is, a lot of women also follow the game.

I have a really old friend in Singapore who knows this stuff inside and out. When we catch up, she doesn't speak to me about football (though I ask a few questions here and there) but seriously guys, I don't know another female who knows more about football than Collette Wong. Not because she reads the Sports News on ESPN. She actually writes it! :)


Anonymous said...

Ah, of course. See her on football news all the time! Keep it up! Bobby, Hong Kong

Anonymous said...

I just can't stand it. My boyfriend is like married to his football. I can't even talk to him when a game is on. So intense! Maria

Anonymous said...

Of course intense what. Especially if your favourite team is playing. Must support them.


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