Sunday, February 22, 2009

Oh no, not again!

It's like having kids (not that I have any :) but I can just imagine how a mother must feel when her kid gets sick.

My pug Harley was at the vets a week after I got him. By then, I was already totally in love with him and I got really upset when I was told he might die on me. I mean really upset. Left the vets with red eyes, the works but he recovered! And he was just a tiny puppy back then.

Nowadays, he's a grumpy old man. No I'm kidding. He's just over a year old and its almost comical the procession of my pugs to the vets. I'm starting to accept it. They can get hurt and they might fall sick. Just got to put on a brave face and get on with it.

My smallest one got her eye scratched last month. We rushed her to the vets. She had the satellite dish round her head (that's what I call it anyway) for 2 weeks! Poor thing.

Just when she recovered, Harley is off to the vet for his latest eye scratch. Now he ALSO has this ridiculous looking satellite dish round his head ;)

You should see all 3 of my pugs when they play. I run around them like a referee saying "no", "no" because they are such a rowdy bunch. They take tumbles together off the sofa. It's fun having them around.

There's always life in the house when I come home. Dogs are great stress busters and they don't even realise it. Truly wonderful, loving companions. They're also incredibly loyal.

Well, I hope I won't be going to the vets anytime soon. I've become quite regular there. Fingers crossed. Oh, I've gotta go now. It's time for Harley's eye drops! Laters ;)


Anonymous said...

hat a moving story Jojo:) I really like how you show what a wonderful loving person you are and I bet you will make a great mother one day. I have three 'real' kids myself and like you, they make coming home a real pleasure. Not sure about it being a 'stress buster' but they show give me the reason as to why I feel so grateful and happy everyday.


Jojo Struys said...

Wow, you have 3 kids. How wonderful Fatima. And it's great that you feel grateful. Gratefulness is such a positive emotion.

When I used to work at MIX fm, I had to research about all kinds of topics and what I realised is the women who changed the most were the ones who became mothers. Thanks for your confidence in me...I can only hope I'll make a good mother someday:)

Julia Jackson said...

I have three dogs myself, and I am always "watching" over them like kids. Sometimes, things happen, but what are you to do?? You look like you're doing your best. They are postively adorable. Make sure you leave them plenty of toys, that way - they don't need to constantly play with each other, but rather, they're able to entertain themselves. Get toys that are really fluffy and soft with squeakers. Dogs like to have some fun on their own...the trick to keeping them out of trouble is to keep them busy playing with toys or chew toys with flavours.

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