Friday, February 13, 2009

Holiday destinations

My idea of a holiday is not doing much at all. I've realised that a city holiday is exciting (and you end up making sure you see all the not to be missed highlights) but this could involve being on a schedule which reminds me of work. I hate all that rushing.

Don't get me wrong. A holiday is still a holiday and a fantastic change of scenery but there are simply different kinds of holidays.

If I wanted to relax and do almost nothing, I would choose an island because its so therapeutic to be surrounded by nature or to wake up to the sound of the ocean. It has to be one of the most beautiful sounds in the world.

I met a German lady on my travels and she said her husband and her never argued when they were in the mountains on camping trips. They only argued in the city. She realised this pattern. She said things were so basic on these trips. They co operated without any drama on setting up the tent together, cooking and were almost immediately relaxed once they were away from all that "noise" and daily stresses in the city. Nature has this calming effect on us.

I can't see myself moving into a forest or living on an island for the rest of my life (but who knows? hehe) but it certainly helps me to recharge my batteries on a holiday, no matter how short.

Live the Moment

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