Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Thai people :)

I think the waiter thought I was Thai (I even ordered my food in Thai) until he asked me what book I was reading and I had to break into English. Everyone in Thailand always says the same thing to me "you look like Thai people" not that I mind at all. When I was visiting Hawaii, they thought I was a local kid. I was fine with that too. When you're rojak, hey, anything goes! :)


Anonymous said...

When I first saw you, I also didn't know where you are from! I thought maybe chinese mixed with phillipino or...? lol

Sally, Penang

Anonymous said...

You have that kinda mixed look that could be anywhere in asia-
in some angles you look malay, then there are some where it is chinese, then phillipino and then even italian or spanish and of course even Thai :)

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