Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Laughter the best medicine...

I realise I can burst out laughing over almost anything even just watching my dogs run around the house chasing their favourite toy (believe me you would laugh too just looking at their faces. Pugs have this puzzled expression at all times! ;)

And its actually a great thing to laugh. I was doing all this research on laughter (for one of the upcoming episodes on Health Buzz) and there's heaps of medical evidence out there on how incredibly good it is for you. For eg, I knew that laughter releases endorphins, those feel good hormones but I didn't know that it's said to strengthen your immunity, reduce your stress hormones and can even burn as many calories as being on a treadmill. For the last point, you would need to be belly laughing for quite some time so start watching some funny movies and thanking the funny friends in your life because they're doing you wonders!


Brigante said...

I really do think it is a good way to forget a problem. Yeap. Just laugh at it. A problem is only a problem when you think it is a problem. My grand ma is the greatest example of someone who does not have problems. She just laughs them off. It works for her and I hope some day I can be as strong and just laugh at all problems.:) HO HO HO :")

Anonymous said...

hahahahahaha who's your favourite comedian? I like Jim Carrey

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